Updated: July 2019

Mobile Gambling: Placing Bets using your Mobile Device

Mobile Betting:

The 21st Century has seen a huge change in sports gambling. It’s not longer the remit of back rooms and dial-up. The modern Internet era sees the ability to visit thousands of different betting sites in the space of a few minutes. Technology has literally revolutionized betting and now your local bookies are a gambler’s dream! It’s feasible to place bets at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Smart phones can be used to examine odds, login to accounts and bet on forthcoming events.

Smartphone Compatible Bookmakers and Sportsbooks

WilliamHill Betting Apps

One of the biggest bookies in the world is WilliamHill.com and they are fully functional on both Android and iPhone connections. The app is available from their main page and, once downloading, it will allow the user to access a huge variety of online sports betting from their mobile device. Once logged in, users can access their accounts, add and withdraw funds, place bets and examine all of the markets that can be seen on William Hill’s online webpage.





Sports betting rules are more stringent in the States and therefore there is less of a variety of betting apps available to US gamblers. It is often the case that if a sportsbook does not have a downloadable app, it will have a fully functioning mobile site that has the same benefits as the full site. This works as a great substitute for an app. The world of mobile gambling is expanding fast, with some authorities suggesting that it may be worth 70 billion a year by 2018. With access and odds available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, mobile gaming is truly the future of gambling. Click on the link for more information regarding mobile betting tips or advice.

Featured Betting Sites

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