Guide to Sports Betting

Guide to Sports Betting

2021 Educational Guide For Online Sports Betting

Millions of dollars’ worth of bets are placed on various sports every single day all around the globe. No matter what game is the favorite of a particular fan, he can find a place to bet some of his money on the outcome. The sports betting industry continues to grow in popularity and scope every year and increasing numbers of sportsbook sites appear in order to handle all the action.

With the NFL season around the corner, the level of betting action will increase even more. No matter how much you want to bet or how frequently, you can find an online betting site that is right for you at These recommended sites come with a wide variety of types sports betting offers as well as a vast array of different types of bets that can be placed. Many now offer easy placing of bets from any mobile device or smartphone and also live betting during the game itself.

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site

Determining which sports betting website is top quality, you must take several things into account. Start with our list of recommended sites. We chose them because they are available to the most people, generous with payouts and practice the highest security standards.

Security is the first thing you should look for in any online sports betting site. It is best to choose a well-established site that has positive reviews and a stellar track record. Their method of gathering and storing your personal information and especially all transactions must be completely secure.

The next thing to consider is whether a particular site offers wager options you are interested in. Do they take parlay bets? Can I place a teaser bet, if so up to how many teams? What is the maximum bet or minium bet i can make?

Finally, investigate how generous the wagers and payouts can be at a particular sportsbook website. Compare the odds offered to see which is the best deal with the most chances at hefty payouts. These three criteria must be examined before you choose the sports betting site that works best for you.

In many cases, an individual better may select more than one sportsbook. This could be due to different focuses of the sites. For example, one may specialize on football betting, but you also enjoy placing wagers on college basketball too. Multiple sites also means that you can compare odds and payouts for each game you intend to bet on.

Recommended Sports Betting Sites

While there are many variations in sportsbooks and betting websites, we recommend the following two as some of the best. Differences stem from focus, which countries they cater to and the particular sport options they offer.

1) is recommended for those who want to place bets in the USA. Read our review to learn more about sports offered, deposit and payment options and special bonuses and promotional offers.

Sporting Events You Can Bet On

Now that you have chosen your favorite sportsbook, its time to decide on which sporting event you will be betting on. You can certenily search the site for a best betting site by sport or you can select each main sporting event below and check out the best bettting sites for that specific event.

Important Betting Information

Betting on various sporting events is becoming more popular around the world despite some friction from the organizations themselves. Since so much money is at stake for each game or match, some parties become tempted to try to influence the outcomes in their favor. Scandals erupt when teams, players, coaches, referees or team owners try to fix the games. Despite these occasional problems, sports betting continues to grow. Fans who have a bit of money on the line often become more interested in the game. This increased interest fuels ever-increasing popularity of all types of events.

How to Place Bets Online

Online sports better makes the gambling process easy and accessible to many people who want to get involved. In the United States, sports betting remains illegal in many areas, so online options become necessary in order to play at all. The convenience and entertainment value of internet sports betting cannot be beat.

After choosing the best sportsbook site options that suit your needs and interests, open up a free account with each one. The methods are pretty similar across all sites. Just follow the instructions and input all necessary information. The next step is making a deposit. Various payment methods are available for any amount of money you wish to put in. These may include credit card payments, online payment processors and even direct bank transfers.

Different Types of Wagers

There are three main formats for different odds when betting on sporting events.

U.S. vs. Moneyline

The majority of betting odds are moneyline format. These are written as, for example, +200 or -200, which indicates the money required to win $100. A bet that is listed with +100 odds is called an even money bet. In that case a $100 bet is required to win $100.

  • Decimal Odds

In decimal odds, the number 2.00 indicates an even money bet. Teams with numbers lower than 2.00 are the favorites to win, and those with numbers under 2.00 are not. The lower numbers are considered the underdogs.

  • Fractional Odds

These types of odds are used primarily in the U.K. Even money bets are 1/1. The fractions are listed per team, such as Team A 2/1 and Team B 2/5.

Sports Betting Site Rating Tips

When choosing which is the best online betting site for your wagers, always check if it has generous odds, multiple options for wagering on different sports and excellent security for all transactions and membership. Read online reviews and do your research to determine what sites people are most satisfied with. Look for a vast selection of games, multiple types of wagers, quick payouts and easy deposits.

Once you have covered the basics, take a look at other options that will make your betting more enjoyable. Many sites now offer mobile betting and living options in-game. If you enjoy wagering on sports frequently, special VIP bonuses and perks may be of interest too.

Top Betting Sites
5.0 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
4.5 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
4.8 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
4.8 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
4.5 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
New customers only. 18+. Minimum deposit $10. Additional T&Cs apply.
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